RE (Religious Education)

Our RE curriculum overview has been based on the Norfolk Syllabus, supported by resources from Understanding Christianity and RE today. These units of work cover each of the 3 disciplines, Theology, Human and Social Sciences and Philosophy. The title of each unit work is a question to promote enquiry based learning. Where other religions are woven in, it would be expected that the majority of the time would be spent on Christianity and exploring the Understanding Christianity Resource question.

From Understanding Christianity we will always focus on the three core units outlined as Creation, Incarnation and Salvation, studied in each year group. The second year in each “key stage area” uses the “digging deeper” materials (for example KS1 Year 1 is core, KS1 year 2 is digging deeper) as these seem to explore the “making links” and “understanding the impact” in more detail. We will also include other special “faith days” when we explore the celebrations/festivals of other religions as well as Christianity at the correct time of year. This includes Hanukkah, Diwali, Holi and Eid ul Fitr. We also have a Christmas, Easter and Pentecost Activity Days.

In the overview, we have covered Judaism, Hinduism and Islam. We have also included units with include non-religious views. Our school community is very diverse and have children from a range of religious backgrounds. We have included Judaism the Year 1, programme of study because of its similarity to Christianity as an Abrahamic religion whereas Islam, although an Abrahamic faith, is less familiar to the children as well as Hinduism, which is in the curriculum form Year 2 upwards. As we move forward, we will continue to adapt our curriculum map as required.

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