School Uniform

We encourage all children to wear school uniform daily and to take a pride in it. Most items of school uniform can be purchased from a good clothing store but jumpers, cardigans and P.E. shirts, which have the school logo embroidered on to them, are available from One Stop School Gear.

We ask parents to help their children by checking that they are wearing the correct uniform and that each item is clearly labelled. Stikins Labels give us 30% commission on all purchases made if you use fundraising code 12101 when placing your order. Visit for more information and help raise money for the school.

Boys’ Uniform

  • Grey trousers or grey shorts (summer only)
  • White shirt (short or long sleeved)
  • Royal blue jumper (with embroidered school logo)
  • School tie
  • Grey socks
  • Black flat shoes (NOT trainers)

Girls’ Uniform

  • Grey skirt or pinafore or trousers (prescribed style and material only. No stretchy material or leggings please)
  • Blue and white gingham dress (summer only)
  • White shirt or blouse
  • Royal blue jumper or cardigan (with embroidered school logo)
  • School tie
  • White socks or plain white or grey tights
  • Black flat shoes (NOT trainers)
  • Hairbands must be simple and discrete in either grey or blue in keeping with our school uniform

Sportswear (Boys & Girls)

All except swimwear to remain in school:

  • White polo shirt (with embroidered school logo)
  • Dark blue shorts
  • Black plimsolls (preferably slip-ons for KS1 children)
  • Swimsuit, swimming hat and towel needed for the first half of the Autumn term and the Summer term
  • Dark blue track suit for outdoor P.E.
  • Trainers for outdoor P.E. in Winter


Jewellery (other than watches) SHOULD NOT be worn in school. If a child has pierced ears, one pair of stud earrings may be worn; however, these MUST be removed for all P.E. lessons. No earrings are to be worn in the swimming pool. It may therefore be better for younger children not to wear earrings to school until they can take them out/put them in independently.

Personal Items

Neither the County Council nor the school staff accepts liability for personal property brought onto the premises.